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Recovery Time

Pound for pound, the horse is a better athlete
than any domestic species... including man.

Horses also have a tremendous ability to use the oxygen that they produce. An elite human athlete uses 70-90 milliliters of oxygen per kilogram of weight per minute. Thoroughbreds use more than 150 milliliters per kilogram per minute. Oxygen is the body's fuel. Without oxygen, a horse's body would slow and quit within a matter of seconds.

Increase your horse's ability to utilize OXYGEN more efficiently
and you have found a way to also improve overall performance,
stamina and endurance and reduce the recovery time.

Is there a way to accomplish this safely, easily and cost-effectively?

YES! with ®
35% OXYGEN Formula !

Compare with our competition:

Oxyshot CSO2 at 15% oxygen

H2O-BOO2ST® Equine at 25% oxygen

®  at 35% oxygen !

   and... You PAY LESS for the BEST !   


No ingredient in EQUINE O2® Activated Oxygen
is regulated in any way or manner as a drug.





   Easy to Use   

   Researched and Tested   

   Increases blood oxygen saturation levels   

® Pricing:
Single 32-oz Quarts (35% Strength)... $ 78.00

960 ml

Case of 4 Quarts (35%Strength)... $ 272.00
Save $40.00 by buying in case lots of 4 quarts!

Total of 128 oz. or 3,840 ml

Pricing in US Dollars

FREE Shipping & Handling !

to locations in the United States

Recommended Serving Size:

4 fluid ounces before races and/or strenuous activities and
4 additional ounces after such events during post-exercise
recovery walking and resting.

4 fluid ounces = approx. 120 ml

Servings per 32-oz. quart = 8              Servings per 128-oz. (4 quarts) = 32

Administered by squirting behind the tongue, using a syringe or
direct injection by syringe under the care of a licensed equine veterinarian.

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