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Stabilized Liquid Oxygen for only $1.25 an ounce!

You can buy liquid oxygen direct!

High quality stabilized liquid oxygen at wholesale prices.

ATG ASO®*  Activated Stabilized Oxygen...

Safe pH levels.
Highest quality.
Natural, non-toxic and safe.
Made with the latest "state-of-the-art" technology.
Liquid Oxygen, sent directly to you at the lowest price available.

Liquid Stabilized Oxygen is considered by some to be one of the
most important developments in dietary supplements of the last 50 years!

Our ASO ® Activated Stabilized Oxygen is now in a 10% or 100,000 PPM formula!

Confused about Oxygen strength? See our FAQ page for straight answers!

Stabilized Liquid Oxygen has even been referred to as Vitamin O * ! Various Stabilized Liquid Oxygen products have been sold under such trade names as Vitamin O *, Aerobic Oxygen *, Aquagen*, ASO ® Activated Stabilized Oxygen *, Oxy-Boost*, Aerobic O7, B.O.L. Breath of Life, and several other brands. NOTE: See our FAQ page for the differences in the types of Stabilized Oxygen.

*Vitamin O is a registered trademark of Staff of Life, Inc., Aerobic Oxygen is a registered trademark of Randy Widmer, Aquagen is a registered trademark of Aquagen International, Inc. and Perfect Water & Essentials LLC, ASO is a registered trademark Oxigenesis LLC, Oxy-Boost is a registered trademark of Reyman Drug Company, Inc.

Stabilized Oxygen products are not created equal!
Read our FAQ Sheet (FrequentlyAsked Questions) to learn why you deserve the best!

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The Offer.
You can buy this amazing liquid oxygen in 32-ounce Quarts. The finest stabilized liquid oxygen at a price lower than you ever dreamed possible!

How ?
Because this web site gives you the opportunity to buy direct with no middleman. Tired of paying retail prices? You can buy liquid oxygen now at wholesale prices!

And, you can save a lot of money by ordering now in the economical 32-ounce Quart size, rather than the 2 to 4 ounce sizes normally available. These quarts have 16 times the amount of liquid contained in the 2-ounce stabilized liquid oxygen bottles!

When you purchase these quarts of liquid oxygen, we provide you with free empty 2-ounce bottles for your convenience. They come with tips that allow you to measure the oxygen out in drops. You can fill and re-fill these easy-to-carry 2-ounce bottles from your economical quart bottle of liquid oxygen. Our customers have loved this concept! The price-savings of the quart size, combined with the convenience of the smaller bottles.

Select Offering.
You are among a select number to see these web pages! You have found this oxygen site because you are a prior customer, were referred by one of our liquid oxygen customers, or because of listings that we have on a chosen-few search engines. You have entered a search word or phrase related to stabilized liquid oxygen.

The Bottom Line.
This is your chance to buy 32-ounce Quart bottles of Stabilized Liquid Oxygen at the best price available. Many sell this liquid oxygen product (along with a number of lesser-quality and "old-technology" stabilized oxygen products) for as high as $20 or more per 2-ounce bottle. This is the equivalent of $320 a quart! Even if you could find it for half of that price ($10 a bottle) it would still equate to $5 an ounce or $160 a quart! If you order now, off this web site, we will sell it to you at 1/4 of that!

The bottom line is:

If you order now, we will sell you
a full quart of our fine Stabilized Oxygen

for the incredible price of only $40 !

That's only $1.25 an ounce!

For your convenience in using the product, we will also include free with each 32-ounce quart bottle, two brand new empty 2-ounce bottles, complete with removable controlled-drop tips and caps. This will allow you the convenience of using the small 2-ounce bottles, which you can fill and re-fill from your economical quart bottle.

If you do your math, you will find that you are getting...

2-ounce bottles of Liquid Oxygen for the astounding price of $2.50 a bottle!

Buy for even less?
Want an even bigger bargain? How about this? Order quart bottles in a case of 4, and we will pay all shipping and handling for you. That's right, FREE shipping and handling, when you order in case lots of four quarts! Or... you may, of course, order as little as one quart at a time. The choice is yours. With case orders we include five of the empty 2-ounce bottles at no charge.

Order now, because...
We are allowing you to buy direct from this web site at low wholesale prices!


Order options include Credit Cards and Checks or Money Orders. Your liquid oxygen order can be taken by phone, regular mail, or quickly and safely, right here on this website.

NOTE: Regardless of the method that you use to order (on-line, mail, or phone) and your method of payment (credit card, or check/money order in the mail)...

Start out by using the On-line Shopping Cart below
and follow the instructions as you go:

Buy 32-ounce Quarts of Stabilized Liquid Oxygen
for only
$1.25 an ounce!

    Safe and Secure On-line Shopping Cart

Oxygen Orders are currently being shipped to addresses within the United States only.
This includes Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Stock No. ATG-O-32 Liquid Oxygen 32-ounce Quart bottles

Total price:   $50.00
($40.00 plus $10.00 Shipping & Handling)

Stock No. ATG-O-32-4 Liquid Oxygen 32-ounce Quart bottles - Case of 4

Total price:   $ 160.00
($ 40.00 a quart, times 4 quarts)

And... receive the shipping and handling for Free!
Save $40 over the cost of ordering 4 quarts separately!

To order Liquid Oxygen, use one of the boxes above, indicate quantity and click on "Add to Cart."

Plan on ordering by mail or phone instead of on-line? Just indicate quantity and click on "Add to Cart." For your convenience, you will be shown a Mail-in or Call-in Order Form to print out!

Still Have Questions?

  Click Here    for information about our company and product.

  Click Here    for information on Usage and Method of Taking.

  Click Here    for FAQ (answers to Frequently Asked Questions).

NOTE to Businesses: If you have a business and are interested in volume orders or private labeling... Please email us at or call 1-800-634-9988.

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