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Frequently Asked Questions about Liquid Oxygen

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:
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What is the role of Oxygen in overall health?
What is the history behind your Stabilized Liquid Oxygen and how is it made?
What about the "other" Stabilized Liquid Oxygen products on the market?
Some sell oxygen products having high pH levels, claiming this helps maintain the body on the "plus" side for increased health. What about this claim?
How about the "oxygen supplements" on the market in capsule form?
What about the use of Hydrogen Peroxide to induce oxygen into the system?
Stabilized Oxygen strength claims are very confusing. What is your oxygen strength ?
Water itself is made up primarily of oxygen. Why doesn't drinking a lot of water give the same oxygen benefits as Stabilized Liquid Oxygen?
How "safe" is your Stabilized Liquid Oxygen?
When taken internally for overall health purposes, can larger amounts of Stabilized Liquid Oxygen (than what is suggested on the label) be taken?
It has been stated that "no Stabilized Oxygen product has been tested to contain the high levels of oxygen claimed." What about this?
Why does Stabilized Liquid Oxygen have a "chlorine-like" smell and a "salty" taste?
How much actual sodium does a person get from your Stabilized Liquid Oxygen?
How does oxygen work in destroying harmful bacteria and what about the "beneficial" bacteria found in the human body?
What about using Stabilized Liquid Oxygen instead of Colloidal Silver?
Why do you recommend using more than some of your competitors? Does this mean that their products are stronger in oxygen content?
Your label says: "Do not use metal utensils for stirring or mixing." Why is this?
Several companies use a list of "testimonials" about their product. Why do you not do the same?
How can you sell a quality oxygen product for so much less than your competition?
What is the "shelf-life" of Stabilized Liquid Oxygen?

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