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Suggested Stabilized Oxygen Usage

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Suggested Oxygen Usage and Method of Taking
Stabilized Liquid Oxygen can be taken with water. Recommended use is one teaspoon. Once mixed, the water should ideally be consumed within a few minutes. The amount of water added is a personal preference. The effect will be the same. For maximum effectiveness, take at least a half hour or more before eating or wait for at least an hour after eating.

The reason to not take it in close proximity of food, is that the oxygen will interact with the organic matter (food or drink) and you will not get as much oxygen into your blood stream. For the same reason, it should be taken with water only (or under the tongue.) and not with juice, etc.

Many find it convenient to simply take our Activated Stabilized Oxygen directly under the tongue. If you choose to take it in this fashion, you can avoid the "close proximity to food or drink" rule. Again, one teaspoon is recommended. (See our FAQ Sheet for further information on how much to take and why it can vary on an individual basis). Simply place the liquid oxygen under the tongue and keep it there as long as possible (5 minutes is ideal) and allow to absorb. Neither the liquid nor the taste will go away, but the oxygen itself is tasteless and will absorb in that time frame. Then, just swallow the remaining liquid.

A note of warning: Our new-technology Stabilized Oxygen is completely safe to take under the tongue, or use directly on the skin. However, you should never do this with some competitor s old-technology oxygen products with high pH levels, as severe burns could result.

For overall good health, ideally take one teaspoon three times a day. For all other uses, take as needed. As a general rule, children should take half the normal adult amount. Athletes should take twice the normal amount. See our FAQ page for more information regarding the amounts to be taken.

Many people like to also take Activated Stabilized Oxygen a fourth time, just before going to bed. Some report that this helps them relax and sleep better. Others, however, find that it gives them enough increased energy that going to sleep becomes more difficult. You need to find out what works best for you individually.

Natural Health and Common Sense
Statements regarding benefits derived from any natural product need to be put into the context of some "common-sense basics" regarding health. First off... No product sold (including Stabilized Liquid Oxygen) can "cure" you of anything! The only thing that can actually cure is the body itself! A simple example is when you cut a finger. You can keep it clean and protected from infection and help to facilitate healing, but nothing you can do will heal. The body itself is the only thing that can heal the wound! Often we forget that the same principle applies to any sickness or disease. The only "cures" have to lie within the fantastic piece of equipment that is our body.

The very core of good health is simply this: We live and die on a cellular level. All of the workings of our body, while very complex on the surface, can be broken down into the simple workings of each cell. Disease can not live in healthy cells, only in sick and dying cells. To keep cells healthy, you have to furnish them with the nutrients that they need and remove all toxins from the cells. That is the basis of all good health.  A key ingredient in these processes, as well as the energy cycle of the cell itself, is oxygen.

The "ideal" would be to live in a "perfect" world where we received all of the nutrients needed, including enough oxygen, and were exposed to nothing harmful or toxic. If this were the case, our own bodies (properly exercised and without genetic problems or accident) would take care of us very nicely! Unfortunately, our life is not like that. The best we can do is to supply our body with what is missing in our modern world and then allow our body to function (on a cellular level) the way nature designed.

Our product, "ATG ASO ® Activated Stabilized Oxygen" is sold as a dietary supplement only. As such, we are not allowed to make any medical claims what so ever!

All Things Good Stabilized Liquid Oxygen should be viewed as a "tool" to help supply what is missing, in order to allow our bodies to function properly.

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