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If this happens...

  Will you be PREPARED?


The most significant item in any emergency storage plan!

Other than the air we breathe, the single most important thing needed to sustain life!

The correct way to store water is likely the least understood of all storage items!

BECAUSE... you need to know...

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This five-page document...
      Could well be one of the most important things that you ever take the time to read!

  How much water to store.
  The right containers to use.
  Where to store them.
  The steps to take.
  The mistakes that most people make.

The first mistake that many make...
Is to search for the "Reader's Digest Version" for Water Storage.
BECAUSE... you need to know ALL the facts...

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To ORDER ATG ASO 35% Activated Stabilized Oxygen:

Because of oxygen bottling costs the 32-oz. quart size is the best buy!

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One ounce per each 55 gallons of stored drinking water.
With smaller containers, use:
teaspoon (around 25 drops) per gallon of stored drinking water.
1 teaspoon per 5 gallons of stored drinking water.
1 teaspoons per 7 gallons of stored drinking water.
2 teaspoons per 15 gallons of stored drinking water.
Using the above amounts, a 32-ounce quart (which is 192 teaspoons) of 35% ASO
would treat the following:

32 of the 55-gallon containers
768 of the 1-gallon containers
192 of the 5-gallon containers
128 of the 7-gallon containers
77 of the 15-gallon containers

Refer to "Water Storage Secrets"
for detailed information about the amounts of the 35% ASO to use, and how to use it.
Click Here for your personal FREE copy of "WATER STORAGE SECRETS."     

Remember, because water will likely be the most important thing that you will ever store, a little time spent in properly storing water will pay big dividends in the years to come!

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NOTE: It is legally necessary to state that, the information contained on this web site is merely a guideline and is for educational purposes only. Because of the many variables involved in water storage, we can assume no liability for results obtained from following the advice given here. People have stored water successfully for over 5 years using the methods contained herein. Your personal results can vary, again depending on the many variables that can be encountered. Remember also, that we are not talking about the purification of water. We are talking about the enhancement of stored drinking water using municipally treated tap water or tested well water of accepted quality. The purification of known contaminated water comes under a completely different legal classification.

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